NYCS - New York Club Sofia


NYCS aims to bring together alumni from New York educational institutions, as well as people with work experience and strong connections to New York City or the State of New York. 

 The purpose of the Club is to be a platform where thought leaders can generate and exchange ideas about new ventures, growth, and business development in Bulgaria and beyond.

Our vision for the Club is to be an incubator of ideas, powered by the distinct "New York state of mind" -- a dedication to ingenuity, opportunity and resilience that will propel us forward.

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How it all started

 In February 2019, Pavlina Marinova (MBA, NYU Stern), Nikolay Bebov (LL.M., Columbia Law School), Filip Genov (MBA, NYU Stern), and Nikolay Ouzounov (LL.M., Columbia Law School) 

put their minds together to launch the New York Club – Sofia.

  To that end, the Club will strive to join the vision, talent and efforts of a diverse membership: business professionals, bankers, lawyers, physicians, scientist, artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, and more.  


42nd Street in Manhattan is our place in NY. The Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal, the New York Public Library, Bryant Park, Times Square, Theatre Row, the Ford Foundation, the HQ of the UN at the east - "Enjoy the Zoo, walk down 42nd Street", as the old rock song goes.

42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, according to Mr Douglas Adams.

The Club will have up to 42 members.


Every Thursday from 5pm

LARGO Bar&Diner

Maria Luiza 2, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Drop us an email and come!